5 ways to write a pseudo tech blog article

Everywhere I go I see people writing the 10 steps to this or the 7 ways to do something or other. No doubt all tributes to Stephen Covy’s “7 habits of highly effective people”.

They seem to be very popular too although I strongly suspect there is nothing to be learned from them as they mostly just point out the obvious. They do make you feel like you are learning something though.

So here you go, 5 ways to improve your SEO, social network marketing, attract the opposite sex, get a better job, create an instant internet startup sensation ( instasenz © ), prove conclusively that your iPhone is better than an Android phone and help grow back your hair. Mac vs PC vs XBOX vs PS3 vs Wii vs Kindle vs Amazon vs Google vs Apple vs Microsoft vs Justin Bieber. All in the ring.

1. Be prolific. Linus Pauling (multiple Nobel prize winning scientist and peace advocate who was better than you in every way) said that “The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas”. Chances are you will come up with a corker in amongst all the crap.



2. Be omnipresent. If you’re a god then you can be everywhere and everything and have your thumb in all the pies. Pies are tasty. The cake is a lie.


3. Be real. No I’m not talking about legendary MC and front man for Cypress Hill. You can’t be him. You can probably do a fairly good impersonation though.

B-Real, Legendary MC and front man for Cypress Hill

4. Be profound. Confucius was really good at that and most people are impressed whether they understand it or not.



5. Be plus. Add value, bonus, extra, auxillary. Give it both barrels, the whole hog, the kit & kaboodle, 110%, Moar and then get a second wind and double up.

Tough Mudder


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